Prepare your house for sale

  • It is a question of dressing your house for sale, perhaps using a professional that will add touches such as plants, carpets or floor or table lamps, silk flowers, small armchairs, mirrors, pictures, anyway, details that will get the best out of your house and make it look perfect to attract more buyers and thus maximize your visit and say “this is the house we were looking for.”
  • Your trust worthy in your REALTOR can also help you in this process and so, among all, make your home much warmer and the least possible time in the market.
  • Do not forget to invigorate your house by saving your photos and personal memories, in this way will help home buyers feel more comfortable and can identify more easily with it and have the feeling that they can make it home more easily.
  • It is also important to buy new towels, place candles with a soft scent throughout the house and if possible put some nice music when you know that buyers are coming.
  •  The buyers will be more comfortable and relaxed and enjoy more of the visit.