The reception, your best host

We understand that the reception of the building serves as the host for the rest of the facility and therefore tends to be an accessible element, often creating sculptural character that first impression impact and giving an introduction to the aesthetic character of spaces to discover.


The reception is an area that all visitors will use to continue access and orientation, materials and furniture design should be of high quality, durability and strength, the effect of lighting is essential to give the necessary emphasis and highlight the importance of this area and be distinguished from the site entrance.


We are committed to give you practical solutions to high-quality designs and cutting edge, having a variety of different ways European designs: curved, concave and convex for use by reception or lobby. This furniture, in addition to its aesthetic importance, integrates a large number of functional requirements for the operation and services of the reception.


The incorporation of monitors is often hiding the wiring system on the walls and reception furniture is part of the integration giving cleaner, crisp look.


Within the area there are spaces aforementioned storage compartments that accommodate different types and sizes of objects.


Commercial Equipment Querétaro know that the reception furniture can use a variety of materials for your design and creation, the materials may vary from light as aluminum or plastic to heavy as lead and fine woods.


The reception area, although it is a relatively small area, is one of the most important elements of a company, as it is in that space where all the spatial experience inside the offices begins, creating the first impression and image for the visitor.