Ten tricks to sell your house

Sell ​​before and at a good price

The apartment is conditioned and reorganized to depersonalize it, show its full potential and make it more attractive in order to sell it as soon as possible and at the best price. If you are in charge of professionals, their rates range from 0.4% to 1% of the sale price of the property, since they do not use decorative elements or very expensive materials. According to data from specialized companies, sales increase considerably.

In case you do not have professional help, the ten infallible tips that a landlord must implement to sell your home are as follows:

  • Adjust price to reality

The first thing to keep in mind when you put a home for sale, in order not to be demoralized, is that prices have gone down and that it takes longer to sell. The time interval from when the poster is placed “for sale” until the sale and sale in the notary’s office is closed has increased. In addition, the years of the real estate boom have passed and it must be clear that the market price is what the buyer is willing to pay. When setting the selling price, you have to adjust it to reality.

  • Price according to your area

To have a reference point, it is important to investigate at what price have been sold properties of similar characteristics in the same area. It may be interesting to be advised by a real estate professional, who knows the price of the square meter in each zone. It seems obvious that, between two houses of the same price, typology and situation, the buyer will always choose the best presented.

  • Fix everything that is defective

You must make a list with everything damaged, worn or defective to fix it. It is advisable to repair leaking cisterns and taps. Cover all cracks, scratches and holes in walls, doors and ceilings. If the buyer discovers faults, problems or objects that malfunction, you can ask what else is faulty in the property. When receiving visits from potential buyers, we must ensure that the house is in the best conditions. The buyer of a house that needs repairs often discounts the final price of the repairs, for the inconvenience that these arrangements originate. If the seller does not perform these repairs, it limits the number of potential buyers who may be attracted to the home.

  • Clean and tidy the house

Having everything in order is essential and, if the real estate needs it, you have to give it a coat of paint (a face wash) with neutral, clear and soft colors, which appeal to a greater number of people. Although most buyers prefer to paint and decorate the house to their liking, or even change the interior layout, it is true that the buyer appreciates a newly painted home because it gives a greater sense of hygiene. In addition, the home must be well ventilated and must smell good. The virtues of the house must be strengthened. If you have natural light and a good orientation, if it is a house without noises, outside, etc., it must be noted. On the contrary, one must try to avoid defects.

  • Broad dissemination

The announcement of the sale of the house must be disseminated in all possible ways. Free neighborhood newspapers and Internet portals are good platforms for advertising the property. However, be careful and put the same price on all media where the ad has been inserted, regardless of who manages (particular or agency) the sale of the house.

  • Put attractive ads

You have to include photos, and even videos, as they are resources that make the ad receive more visits on the Internet portals. It is convenient to make enough pictures of the interior of the house with furniture. A furnished and decorated space always offers a warm and welcoming impression; A room with appliances gives a better idea of ​​the size than another room. Occasionally, “naked” rooms give the impression of being smaller. However, do not place too many objects that impede the passage.

  • Schedule visits with no one at home

It is easier to sell an unoccupied building than one inhabited. When a home is put up for sale, it is necessary to reconcile daily family life with home visits. The buyer feels more inhibited when opening cabinets, bathroom furniture or cupboards because he has the feeling of intruding into the privacy of strangers. When scheduling the visit of a potential buyer, there should be few people in the house. If possible, take pets to the house to avoid disturbances and discomfort. Nor is it desirable that there be many children in the building.

  • Direct sale

If the house is inhabited, it is better to put it on sale the owner to delegate to an agency. When hiring a real estate agency, it is necessary to agree between client and owner the days and times of visit. It is not advisable to sign with the agency the sale “in exclusive” of the property. This type of contract implies that the agency will be the only one authorized to sell the house. In times of crisis, it is preferable to have a large number of sellers.

  • Show quiet

Do not be anxious to sell the house before the visits. Neither should lose your nerves nor exaggerate the positive aspects of housing. If there is a potential buyer, really interested, you should not be inflexible in the price that was stipulated. It is convenient to be open to negotiate the price of the property. It is necessary to evaluate if it is more advisable to lower the price and sell, or wait more.

  • Take precautionary measures

Attention should be paid to thieves who may pose as buyers to inquire whether it is worth stealing in the home. It is preferable that the owner is present whenever a visit is made, whether it is done through an agency or privately. If the house is uninhabited, it is best to empty it of paintings, antiques or other valuables. In addition, it is necessary to close doors and windows well.