The 10 most common mistakes of home sellers

How to get your house sold in the best terms and conditions? That is the question that most sellers ask who want to sell their house quickly, but make sure it is a good deal for them. To do this, do not make the mistakes you’ll see on this list:

  1. You want to sell but not … It sounds strange, but many sellers make the decision forced by circumstances like economic problems, divorces, moving to another city or country, and put a sign of sells almost begging for a buyer not to appear. If you have that attitude, any offer will seem inappropriate.
  2. You do not cooperate with your agents. If you hire a real estate agent the greater responsibility of the sale will fall on this, but without your cooperation, you will not be able to do anything. You must provide the necessary documents, be honest with the information requested, evaluate the offers when they submit and be willing to show the property (if you live in it) or provide the agent, who can teach.
  3. You do not do the job if you sell on your own. If you do not have an agent, the total responsibility is yours. From announcing it, to answering calls, showing it and following up on the process. It can be exhausting but it is what will close the transaction.
  4. You do not make adequate marketing efforts. This is more than putting ads. If you hire an agent you will advertise it on your professional network to reach thousands of other Real Estate professionals, but if you sell on your own look for strategies that have an impact, some of them are not very expensive. Classified ads, “flyers”, websites and share information with your acquaintances will help you. Also videos on channels like YouTube.
  5. You do not prepare your house for sale. What is beautiful for you is not necessarily beautiful for another. Look at your house with the eyes of a buyer, remove furniture that obstructs the passage, let in the light, repair damaged things and above all, clean inside and out. The first impression remains key. Read about the concepts of “staging” and how this can help make the sale faster.
  6. You put a price above the value of the property. The sale involves factors such as location, comfort and conditions of the house, but without the right price there is no deal. It is not what you think it is worth, it is the real value in the market and the best option is to have an appraisal that takes into account the price of similar homes that compare with yours (comparable).
  7. You are not willing to negotiate. The inflexible seller has to be willing to pay the price for not wanting to negotiate, and sometimes this is to have the house for a long time without selling. Potential buyers may want to negotiate price, purchase incentives, such as closing costs, cost of repairs, and even furniture that stays in the home.
  8. You hide property problems. I seriously question this, because if you know that they exist, the most likely is that they go on an inspection and that delay or cancel the purchase. If you know that there are, it is better to be honest. Depending on where you live, you will have legal implications for hiding information.
  9. Lying about information on housing or community expenses. As in point number eight, it is vital to say what you know about the question asked by buyers. How much is paid from the “HOA” residents’ association, and the truth will always come out. You better be honest and not a liar.
  10. Do not filter potential buyers. All your effort and work should be aimed at finding the ideal buyer, but sometimes you lose a lot of time showing the property to people who are just looking and cannot buy. Ask for prequalification for buyers who can go directly to a bank, request it over the phone or online.