Some errors before selling a home

  • High selling price

A price above what your home is worth will actually cause you to waste time and money, expenses continue, profits will not come.

There is no doubt that a home is a property that is owned and as such has an important value, until then agreed. But we must be aware that the price of housing has suffered a significant decline in recent years and that competition is high. Many properties to overcome in conditions and price are announced every day.

It is very important to leave with the right price, analyze what there is in the area, the characteristics, not to be blinded by the attachment and the desire to win the maximum and put a “market” price, that is: reasonable, adequate and honest . Do you want to sell and have an income already? Or you want to get rich with this operation and risk getting stuck, while your neighbors move, sell and move on with their lives.

  • Live in the house or leave it as it was abandoned by the last tenant

Keep living in the property you want to sell, with your things, memories, junk, habits, customs, pets, etc. Is fine for you, of course, it’s your house, or maybe not because you want to move … but without going into details, what is clear is that it is totally counterproductive if you want to open the doors to potential new residents.

What is appropriate is not to live there to be able to prepare it and adapt it to its new function: a product for sale. If you cannot leave for rent or still have not bought the new house, think that this is not yours, think about the future, pack everything you want to keep and get rid of the rest, but do not Error waiting to be sold, assumes it has already been sold. Rejoice and think about your new home. If it is a lot of work, ask for professional help, delay it, it does not benefit you.

Equally it happens with the houses that have left to inhabit long ago and keep intact the belongings of who their lived, everything, clothes, medicines, accumulated dirt … Possibly the person is deceased, it is an inheritance but if you are not able to do it, why was not going to occupy any of that, is not nice, understand it. The energy is not good and will not be until you do something. No one will want to live there.


  • Do not think of the house as a product that is sold and therefore obligatorily attractive

I suppose by now you have already convinced yourself of the importance of a good presentation when you sell something. If you do not know anything about image or marketing it will be harder to sell your house. If you invest just like companies do in this, you ensure better results in speed and higher price because by increasing the value, you increase the interest, the attractiveness and the desire to buy.

Update it, clean it, remove it, redecorate with few things but very well chosen, give you touches of props (candles for example) and follow the advice that I tell you in the post, the difference is magic. Do not hesitate to invest if you do not know how to do it, you will pay it back very soon.

  • Take sales management if you do not like dealing with people and do not know anything about negotiation

You may be fed up with teaching the house, explaining the same thing, and not wanting to relate or talk about money. That makes you treat people interested reluctantly, you’re not nice and you want to finish fast. Well, of course this last one you will get, they will hang up the phone fast, they will quickly visit the house if they come to go and your dreams of sale will disappear.

You have to be patient, be friendly, be willing to adapt your schedules and treat the visitors well, without going overboard.

But above all you have to know how to negotiate because today you will be offered offers and you must value, ask for more and be willing to reach agreements, be a bit flexible. Possibly you do not like it, it is normal, but it is so.

  • Neglecting the legal issue and mandatory paperwork

Possibly you have never sold a real estate and do not know what to do, buyers will realize and you will not give much confidence.

Find out everything that you are required to have at the time of paying a signal and at the signing of sale and have it from the first day prepared, will avoid doubts and delays. Remember you can sell in a matter of days, make it easy.

  • Trust the sale to a real estate agent or agent without first informing you of everything

Real estate agents call your home to offer their services and you may decide to have one to carry the operation. They will sell you, the benefits of your intervention as a professional: your portfolio of buyers, your marketing, your results, etc.

Choose carefully who you want to deal with this process. Not everyone who sells professionalism has it and it is not nice to be treated without respect with the commission you are going to pay them. Personally knows the agent or agent, talks, analyzes: is correct, educated, pleasant, knows his sector, has training, is expressed correctly, conveys confidence. Ask her what she will do specifically to sell your house and how. Read quietly what you are going to sign: exclusive contracts, small print, everything. Make it very clear why you’re going to pay and how much. If they are going to do what you would do in marketing (photos with the mobile and upload it to the internet) and teach it.

Many people end up working in agencies because they find nothing else. And beware of the issue of “we do not work exclusively”, they will do little for you but if they get a seller they will take a good sum, so value this too.

  • Not having an open mind to other new ways of selling

Many people tend to think that novel ideas are not for them. They cling to their ways of seeing things and do not admit of new proposals.

The ideal would be to contract, since the agencies do not have a department that does it, the adequacy and marketing of the house to a company, and the sale management give it to a professional and honest agent.

The other option, of course, and for my most advantageous, is to hire someone who does everything and in a professional way.

What I propose is to let you prepare the house, value it to hit the price, and do the marketing. The sale can take you or leave it to me, you decide, but success is assured in all cases. The housing is revalued, the interest increases 100% and the negotiation to the end is finished, another horse that the real estate have with their clients pawned in that they lower and lower to get out of the way the work quickly although they lose commission and the Customer benefits.

The investment, moreover, recovers when the house is sold more than enough and for what an agency charges, only that the final price of the home will suffer a considerable increase if the work is done.

Analyze, decide and succeed!